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About the site name

What does ‘malsolo’ mean?

Malsolo is a name that is the composition of two Spanish words: “mal” and “solo”. They mean bad and alone respectively. So, the meaning is more or less “it’s bad to be alone”.

Actually, the real story for the name is that I like a lot Star Wars, I mean the first three movies, specially the return of the Jedi, and I chose “Jansolo” as a user account for hotmail. Well, jansolo69, since the original was not available. “Jansolo” it’s more or less the Spanish pronunciation for Han Solo. I presume you know who is Solo in the saga.

On the other hand, I like as well the movie “Serenity“, and the “Firefly” TV series. The main character was Malcom Reynolds, or Mal.

Well, it isn’t so misterious at the end.

About the blog name

I’m a Java EE programmer (another day I’ll dedicate a moment to explain what’s that) There are a lot of programs, libraries, apis and frameworks involved, but one of the most famous, and one of the most recommended, is log for Java or log4J.

It’s a simple, powerfull and easy configurable library for creating logs within your Java program. Logs is one of the foundation of any program development, no matter which language you use to do so.

Again, I pretend to be funny with the name, because my first goal with this blog is to put down in words my experiences with the Java language programming.

Let’s see in next posts.


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Java EE developer, swim addict, occasional videogames player, fan of Ben Alex and Shamus Young, and deeply in love with my wife. Sooner or later I'll dedicate a post to expand this simple introduction.

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